Happy Hallmark Day!

14 02 2007

I hate Hallmark cards and much of what they represent. Wait…there’s more. Shouldn’t you be able to tell someone how they really feel about them? Greedy old me I’d rather you kick another few bucks into my gift. That’s not chick flick Robbie Mac is it? Don’t get me wrong I’ve gotten some very nice cards that have meant a lot but….Valentine’s is just a blatant cash grab “holiday”. Sorry that’s me. On the other hand “Happy Valentine’s Day” to those I love and adore.

I just finished a fantastic book I got for Christmas that U2 (my favorite band) wrote. Great book. I learned a ton about a band I thought I knew pretty everything about. My favorite part was when the band really hit the mainstream during the Joshua Tree tour. Someone put a death threat out that if they sang “Pride” Bono would be shot. “Pride” is all about Martin Luther King and the lyric builds to…

“Early morning, April 4

Shot rings out in the Memphis sky

Free at last, they took your life

They could not take your pride”

Bono simply closed his eyes stage center and sang his heart out not knowing if it would happen or not. When he finished he opened his eyes and Adam Clayton the bass player was standing directly in front of him to take that bullet if it happened. That’s friendship, that’s love, that’s what it’s all about. Great book.

One of the other loves in my life, the Boston Red Sox, had a book written about them by Stephen King and Stewart O’Nan chronicling the magical season that they won the World series. Love still, but different I guess. That’s my current read and I’m liking it as well.

Be nice to the one you love and maybe you’ll get something nice yourself who knows….


Mood of the moment ~ Planning

Tune of the Moment ~ Mr Jones ~ Counting Crows

What’s for supper ~ Valentine’s treats ( I do have a heart after all)




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