And so it begins…

19 02 2007

This weekend was the official kickoff to the 2007 NASCAR season. Even if you aren’t a fan you couldn’t avoid the coverage this week. Scandal abound. From Thursday at noon I was in race mode. The duels, truck race, busch race and finally the Daytona 500. GOD love Jen for realizing that I have a serious sickness and allowing me to hide downstairs in manland much of the weekend. It’s as much a lifestyle as it is a sport. Very similar to what I go thru as a RED SOX fan. I guess there are many things that I could be into much worse than watching cars go round in circles…

The off season is brief but painful. I’d love to figure a way to incorporate NASCAR in a work type situation. Not here in NS maybe in NC absolutely. Do you think many people would read a book chronicling a man’s adventure visiting every track with info and recipes from each? Hmm, or maybe a guy who started an adventure tour company going to the races or other events?

We’ll see. I definitely think I can do a book. Now though, I ‘ve got to get an alternator for the shitwagon. FORD ~ fix or repair daily.


Mood of the moment ~ Off to Hubbards

Tune of the Moment ~ 1979 – Smashing Pumpkins
What’s for supper ~ Spaghetti & Salad




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