She came on down and they came on out…

21 02 2007

I was listening to my buddy Jay doing his radio show this morning from Toronto and he was interviewing a TV hero of mine Bob Barker. The Price is Right makes me roar, always has. I would kick ass on there! Bob is timeless. Jay asked him what his favorite memory was from the show and Bob quickly replied it was the time with the lady with the tube top. Who ran on down and “they” came on out. Usually this doesn’t happen with the hot supermodel types sadly. Anyway you can get the interview here…

Last week I told him he had a sweet gig when he had Keith Urban there for Valentines Day but to have Bob Barker come on down….

BTW to those concerned about my post from yesterday I am okay REALLY I AM!

Mood of the moment ~ Plenty to do
Tune of the moment ~ Vertigo ~ U2
What’s for supper ~ Chicken and Mashed Taters




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