Rob’s Pick for OSCAR Night

25 02 2007
“No one gives it to you, you have to take it!”

Hey kids, it’s OSCAR night. I love movies, the home theatre in MANLAND is a pretty busy place. While it’s been noted that I like certain chick flicks I love mob movies. My favorite movie is GOODFELLAS followed by The UNTOUCHABLES. I’ve watched them both enough that I can follow word for word. I watched THE DEPARTED last weekend and it was amazing. Really it was incredible I’m not sure what did it for me? Whether it was the story, the cast or the fact that it was shot in Boston and I sorta lived there for a bit. Jack was wicked in it and his quote above is something I’ve taken to heart. TAKE IT!

We had a pretty quiet weekend here. Had a fondue last night with some sort of stone grill as well. Had enough food for eight which suited four of us just fine. Funny to watch as one by one people give in after stuffing themself. Sadly I was the last one eating. Slow but steady wins the race. Learn from the turtle…


Mood of the moment ~ Race is on, Gordon’s up front I guess I’m happy

Tune of the moment ~ This is our country ~ John Mellencamp

What was for supper ~ (high end leftovers) Chicken Breast, Striploin, Tuna Steak, Veggies




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