Daydream Believer

27 02 2007

Right now in Cuba my Mom’s sitting on a beach, hopefully with a tropical drink melting in her hand. She hasn’t been to Cuba in close to 20 years. Her last trip had toilets with no seats and food that was not quite up to snuff. When I picked her and Dad up at the airport (VERY hic-happy to be home) we went straight to the Big Stop as they were starving. Over the years I’ve enjoyed some terrific vacations and have come home “starving”. When we came home from our honeymoon we had a fastfood buffet, a greatest hits if you will from various places.

I’m starving for the sun now. Not so much the grub. Well, it is lunch time though…

Mood of the moment ~ Getting ready to paint again!
Tune of the moment ~ Desperado ~ The Eagles
What’s for supper ~ Stew that’s good for you
Trip veteran and lover of the good life (last minute deals) ~ visitor of the Bahamas, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Mexico.



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