Game over for Halifax

9 03 2007

Somewhere in Glasgow a fiddler cranked out a reel and in Nigeria there was sure to be a celebration. Halifax lived up to it’s reputation. That of a Culture of Defeat. Did your breakfast taste different this morning? It should have, there will be a rotten taste left by this for some time to come. Wait for all of the dirty laundry to be aired. $1.7B was clearly too much money for our region. Why could this bid not have been given another 10 days? What would the difference be? Do people care that this event would have brought a legacy of change to this region? “No vision, no passion, no leadership,” said Deputy Mayor Sue Uteck unofficially kicking off her campaign for Mayor.

Mastercard has a series of commercials for a situation like this.

Estimated Cost of hosing 2014 Commonwealth Games

Estimated Cost of bid process to date

Cost of falling down face first on the WORLD stage proving we ARE a defeatist region?


Grumble grumble, gonna be nice day tomorrow, I’m going 4 wheeling. Giddyup!


Mood of the moment ~ Beat down Maritimer
Tune of the moment ~ Tripper~ Jimmy Rankin
What’s for supper ~ Starting on ribs, beans, slaw and corn bread….




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