Chaos and Mayhem at Wally-World

14 03 2007

Big day in the Sackville Metropolis today, actually it was in Bedford but it would’ve been bigger news in Sackville. The new Walmart opened! The flyer came out on the weekend. Deals, deals, deals abound. Where better for an unemployed guy to go on a Wednesday morning? We didn’t really need anything….

But KD supplies dipped into the single digits and cases were on for $6, Pepsi 2L’s 97 cents and honeynut cheerios another staple here were on for $2. I got to the store around 8:45 or so and the lot was packed. I wandered the store for a minute intrigued to see people literally guarding carts with coolers in them.

I head to the back near the sporting goods (I needed to get paint tinted anyway) and it was a war zone. No shit, I’m serious! Skids of coolers were being brought out one at a time to the masses and devoured. What’s a guy to do but jump in. I’m a fairly big guy but in the span of ten minutes I had my feet stepped on, took an elbow from an old girl who smelt bad and I swear I saw a knife! Well maybe not the latter but definitely the prior. Mob mentality at it’s finest. I haven’t seen anything like this since the looting incident at the NASCAR races in New Hampshire (different story for a different time). It is true that you have work to make your dollar go further but I long to get back to the work part primarily!




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