It’s true I cling to my past but here’s a reason why

14 03 2007

Every now and again you get an email from a friend that makes your day. Sometimes it’s a chain letter wishing you luck or whatever…

Today I got a smile and a flashback. My buddy Len sent me a Youtube link that takes you back to my apartment on Arthur Street circa December 25, 1994 (actually by then it was likely Boxing Day). Many of you have heard of this place but never got the chance to visit. It was home to many epic shakers. For several years I threw a HOHOHO Down on Christmas night for my young foolish friends. Hard to top the police coming with a noise complaint on the holiest of holy days.

A legendary skit wound up on tape that night. The star performer is Tony Hendsbee (AKA H). The Gaetan Boucher chronicles a young man’s quest for Miss Right Now. Perhaps you’ve had the speed skates on before as well. Travel with me to 1994, when living was good and rent was $250.

Anything Goes on Christmas Night

Ever Forward
Mood of the moment ~ That bright Orb is out in the sky so I’m happy
Tune of the moment ~ Animal ~ Def Leppard
What’s for supper ~ Chicken wings, spinach salad and veggies




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