One off my list

14 04 2007
As many of you know I love an adventure. I’ve enjoyed many road trips to date. There are a ton of them floating around me head as well. A lot of places aren’t where you might think. Was it your dream to go to Cleveland? Likely not. For me it was to get to the rock n roll hall of fame. Had it been summer I would have added a trip to the “Jake” to see the Red Sox pound the Indians.

So as you can see, they aren’t all exotic places. I’m hoping to get to Tennessee in the next few years for a race at Bristol (toughest ticket in NASCAR) and to roam the state. Memphis for the bar-b-q, to cross the Mississippi, Sun Studios, Beale Street and Graceland. Lynchburg to visit the Jack Daniels Distillery and Nashville because I’m a country fan but not that Tim & Faith crap. Old school country. It’s well known I’m a big Johnny Cash fan. After watching “Walk the Line” I had it in my head that I’d go to Hendersonville to visit his lake house. The house in the movie was his actual house. The Cash lakefront property was visited by U.S. presidents and fans. The home was nearly 14,000 square feet and had seven bedrooms and five bathrooms. It was bought by on the Gibb brothers. Sadly it burnt to the ground last week. I think it was GOD’s way of saying no to disco. To me it’s a special place knocked off my list before I could get there. Do you have a list? Why not ?


Mood of the moment ~ The tax man cometh so I’m less than pleased

Tune of the moment ~ Square One- Tom Petty

What’s for supper ~ Thai




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