Draggin’ my arse around

20 04 2007

I was in T.O this week for the handshake tour and some training for work. Left the house at 5AM Monday. Long day. Tuesday school till 5Pm went to SOX/Jays game with Jay enjoyed a few $10 beers and watched Dice K make his Canadian debut. Much easier to see the Sox here than at Fenway. More training Wednesday, race to the airport trying and bump up flight. No dice. Broken plane, no plane, no crew and then finally home in the door at 3AM. Up at 6AM out the door for news conference downtown. Visit office for more coffee. Off to Stellarton for three meetings. Done. Return to office. Commence headache. Go downtown for industry event (free beer and bad appetizers) come home to tuck in the little people. Time for bed. Draggin’ mt arse yes but lovin’ what I do too though…
Mood of the moment ~ freakin’ tired
Tune of the moment ~ Long may you run – Neil Young
What’s for supper ~ I knew I forgot something




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