Post SmeltFest Recap

29 01 2008

Well, another year & another glorious SmeltFest. Sunny skies brought us to Fourchu this year to link up with the lads. Good times indeed as Dad & the Cuban were onsite already as were Max & Trent. Crack a cold one and settle in. We were soon joined by Oger & Two Mitts and Don Neil & Clarence. Old friends Joe Ganaway & Hunter O’Banyon also made appearances….

As per usual we didn’t starve with offerings of homemade meat pies, donairs, chops, wings, sausages and even SMELT! Yes, the fishing Gods were kind to us bringing literally dozens of them. I’ve gotta wonder what my stomach was thinking seeing chops, smelt, donairs and wings in literally a couple of hours.

Many laughs were had and drinks spilled with traditional events like crib, storytelling and the newly minted songwriters circle.

Where else can you go semi-all-inclusive with souvenirs for $45?

Excellent Smithers….





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