It’s still winter here

25 03 2008

Greeting from St. John’s where it is still Winter. Last week they had three big storms. BIG ones, no rain the next day just more snow. No worries, they’re still upbeat and happy here. I think that’s why I’ve always loved it here. I lived here when I was a tyke and later as a very impressionable 20 year old.

Needless to say I still enjoy coming here. When I’m here I usually stay at a little boutique hotel. I’m not a big fan of large faceless hotels. What a great city to eat too! Tonight I had a fantastic feed of Mexican at Zapata’s . MMM I love Mexican food and this is GREAT stuff!!!!

Also on the must have list while here is a feed of fish n chips. Discussion of where to go can lead to warfare around here. Ches’s, Leos, or now At the Beach is my current fave.

If I can’t fit it in this time there’s always the next one three months or so from now.


Mood of the moment ~ Doing my homework and now distracted
Tune of the Moment ~ No woman no cry- Bob Marley
What was for supper ~ Taco, enchilada, beans, rice and chili




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25 03 2008

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