How quickly they forget

2 12 2009

This is a winter tire

So, it was icy this morning. I saw a couple of accidents while I was still in my subdivision. The trusty blue rooster kept on rolling no problems.


I have winter tires and I have a Subaru (two actually but can only drive one at a time).

One of my Subarus

The province of Quebec really has a good idea with mandatory winter tires. I know they are expensive. What about your insurance? I know mine isn’t dropping much. People keep crashing cars and someone has to pay that bill. Is your life worth $500? I know mine is. More than that my family is worth much more.  But will it be someone else rolling on winters who hits me?

No, likely they will be rolling on bologna skins and a prayer.

Get with it people winter isn’t new around here.




One response

2 12 2009

Same here in my country. We are also mandatory to use winter tires. We have two types of winter tyres: 1. normal and 2. steel-studded tyres. Which are better one cannot say, because it depends how far in the North one is lving, because the weather conditions are different and of course roads.

Since 1973 when I started to drive, I have managed to prevent two collisions with steel-studded tyres. So are the things here. Regards.

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