Super Bowl Faves 2010

8 02 2010

I was very happy to see that my US HD Broadcast came with the US commercials and not local ones. Seriously it’s the Super Bowl!


Weather Warnings

5 02 2010

You can keep the pen

4 02 2010

Even though I’m a Coors Light guy this is pretty damned funny.

A bit late to the H1N1 Party

1 02 2010


21 01 2010

Hovercraft Schmovercraft

16 12 2009

So HRM Council couldn’t move on the Hovercraft proposal that would allow folks from Bedford to zip into downtown. A project brought forward by an entrepreneur on his dime. Nope Council spent most of their time debating a driveway in the Mayor’s neighborhood.

Not that I was a big fan of the Hovercraft project (I’m waiting for the Simpson Monorail) but it’s yet another shining example of our dim witted Mayor and his minions.

I swear this city is driving me to drink.

Are you ready?

16 12 2009

Don’t you hate getting asked that at the holidays?

Shopping all done?

Hard to find gifts found?

Run completely ragged?

More or less yes I am but how about you?

Take some time and ENJOY your family and friends this year.